Adrienne Bailon : Fashion Mishap or Just Mis-Understood?

T.G.I.F!!! I love Fridays ...i get to sleep later in my bed ( sometimes) and it is just the end of the week . I was browsing through some photos on the Internet on a website i can't remember and came across Adrienne Bailon .. you know that chick from Cheetah Girls and 3LW? The Reporter/Journalist was just brutal . He said that she was just another wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen ... we've all seen pics of her in that dress where she showed us her "child bearing" organ. That of course was silly ... but! i actually don't think her style is that bad . I've seen her in Empire Girls on Style Network and in my opinion she is just a young girl trying to find her place in the industry while still remaining relevant and of course trying to re-brand her self as a serious artiste and more than just Rob Kardashian's ex .

This is one of her most recent pics and i must admit this cut was a bit too close to her nip ... her make up is really pretty and I'm not feeling the colour / style of those shoes with that dress. Sure the dress is designed for the cut to be right there .. but just an half an inch in would have been nice.

What do you think of Adrienne's style?
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  1. You've been linked!!! Check out my weekly link love post. You've been featured!!

  2. I normally like Adrienne's style, she's tends to go for trendy and sexy pieces, but I agree with you there's a little too much cleavage & the shoes don't complement the dress but I guess everyone has a fashion faux pas sometimes.

  3. @ Nella .. Great idea for us to get the word out ... i love it ...
    @ Debbie ... as i said just a little bit more coverage would be nice :-)

  4. OMG this look is far from classy...and you could see where the dress would be great too had it not had those inappropriate cut outs.


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