90210 Style Now Vs Beverly Hills 90210 Style Then

Hi Guys! Today , i would like to share with you the styles of the ladies in one of my favorite shows "90210" and the original Beverly Hills 90210. 90210 comes on Mondays on The CW at 9.pm.  I have been a fan of this show since the 90's ( even though an 8 or 9 year old should not have been watching this :-) Let's look at how the style of this show has evolved throughout the years.

I've decided to do a head to head challenge with the girls based on their style.

Girl Next Door

Annie Vs Brenda
Both Brenda and Annie are the "new" girls in the 90210 zip code . They have now been exposed to the lifestyle of the rich and famous and this is seen in the way they dress. They wear sweet but trendy no name clothing without much effort but always look totally auh mazing. Winner is Brenda . Just because even thought sometimes a lot of the outfits Annie wears are ill fitting . She has a smaller frame and her clothes seem to "drown " her sometimes.

The Socialite / Rich Girl

Naomi Vs Donna

Naomi is my all time favorite character. She has enough personality to carry the entire show ...lol. Both girls have disposable incomes and far from perfect families ... but always has the best clothing . Donna was the only one who could make the signature "mom jeans" look good. Winner ... Naomi , she just takes a lot more "sensible" risks than Donna . This one was close

Bohemian / Edgy Chic

Silver vs Kelly ( Sister Act)

Sooo ... "Silver" is the love child of Kelly's mom and Dylan's dad .. which makes Silver and Kelly Sisters . I liked the fact that the writers of 90210 kept a link between the generations with Aaron Spelling's character "Kelly" . These sisters are a lot more alike than they think . Kelly was the popular super creative girl who had more fitted outfits and was famous for her crop tops and mom jeans . And Silver pushes the envelope with her Bohemian outfits . She wears lots of hats , scarves , vests and boots and her hair seems to change with each new season. My money is on Kelly in this round! I feel Silvers' style is predictable

Sexy/Trendy / Collegiate
Adrianna vs Andrea

I actually had no idea where i was going when i decided to pair these two but then i remembered that both girls had big dreams ... but got pregnant. Andrea was the smart girl of the group ( i kinda don't see how she fit in ) Nonetheless she lived in the zip code and went to the school :-) There was not really much going on with her outfits. Her signature outfit consisted of " Jeans , white t-shirt a vest/blazer and a bead bow/" . This was more of a subtle/ casual/ collegiate look which was an embodiment of her character . Adrianna on the other hand is more of a "firecracker" . She's the token "rockstar" of the group and wears a lot of leather , shorts , dresses and more figure hugging clothing. Adrianna won this round

Are You A Fan of This Show ( both generations) ?

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