My 2012 Favorites

Hi Guys , I've been seeing most of my favorite You tubers and Bloggers talking about their favorites for 2012 . So i thought that I'd share my favorites with you :-)

Make Up

My Favorite Foundation was the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse . I discovered this product in 2010 at Walmart ( where it was cheaper of course) I love the finish and i just kept buying it. To keep my foundation in place , i use this really cheap face powder over it that i bought in Sharell's in Jamaica when it was open for $160.00 i didn't even know they sold foundation that cheap ... i actually just recently just re-discovered it .

Lip Stuff

Mac Lipglass in "Show Me" . I like that this is a neutral lip gloss and it has minimal colour , but pretty nonetheless .Trio of Lipbalms ( the third one is actually in my handbag) 

Eye Stuff
Eyeshadow from DivaGlam cosmetics in " Heart strings " (gold) " Chain link " (grey) I actually received this for a Review and i loved that these two colors can create sooo many different looks. Plus they have shimmer and i looove shimmer :-) These eye pencils are kleancolour in "Barbie pink" and  "Pearl Blue".  I bought the blue because i was really into the coloured eyeliner look with less eye shadow . The pink actually doubles as a lip liner which i love . As for the NYX jumbo eye pencil ... its a really pretty duo chrome icy green . I bought this to bring out my dark brown eyes and i just love it 

Nail Polishes
Not a a nail polish fan ( but I've started a collection) but i loved the Santee and Kleancolour brands . My fav in the Santee was Beach Blue ... it really looks like the colour of our beautiful Caribbean sea .. Bluish Green .. plus it stays on for like 2 weeks ( depends on the amt of work you do of course) Diamond Pink ... one word Glitter !!! Enough said

Hair Stuff
Garnier Fructis is really easy on the weave :-) plus it smells super yummy . Macadamia , Macadamia ... what a brand! hands down my favorite brand of Shampoo and Conditioner of all time . I was also sent these to review from a hair and cosmetics company in the U.K ... and i love that its great on all hair types .. I'm actually all natural now ... and i get my leave out flat ironed then i do a weave .. But the conditioner makes my hair sooo easy to comb through

I love this hair polisher . At first i wasn't so happy about spending close to $700 jmd for this small bottle of product , but its worth it . I bought it in July or there about and its still going . Plus a little goes a long way to add sheen to my Hair

Favorite Lotions

Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods! I'm like seriously addicted! This stuff is all that and more .

Favorite Candle
Bath and Body works Japanese Cherry Blossom ... in just a few minutes my entire room was like a Japanese Orchard ...

Favorite Hand Sanitizer
This is my next obsession .. hand sanitizers .. i always have at least two in my bag . i love these 5 for $5 deals from Bath and Body Works and Sweet Pea is my Fav .. i love that it contains little micro beads 

Favorite Necklaces

 The first necklace is actually a really pretty necklace that was sent to me called "Spice" that can be worn in reverse and i looooved wearing this on the gold side . It looks really unique . The green necklace is a green and gold necklace from Forever 21 that i bought last year and decided to really wear it in 2012 .

Favorite Bracelet
I had a bit of an obsession with accessories that look like weapons and this goes really great with my gold and white M.K watch :-)

Favorite Deodorant
Hands Down .. Dove!

Favorite Hat
Forever 21 Black and straw felt"  I just love that it ads that defining look to a simple outfit. I also like the way the black peaks through

Favorite Jeans
Wetseal Black Jeans . I have worn these jeans a lot this year . Black goes with everything . I've had them for a few months before actually deciding to wear them because i was skeptic about the black . Also ! they have this special "round" stitch that gives my booty that little pop . Apple bottoms distressed jeans .. i honestly didn't like these because i think they look sloppy ... however i decided to wear them last year and i loved how comfy they were ..

Favorite Ring
 This ring was sent to me By Enya Zhu who is just 15 years old ! She specializes in wire jewellery . I was sent 3 .. but this is my favorite .. i liked how she wrote the "love" it looks like the Rihanna Tat .. and I'm a huge fan

Favorite Bathroom Stuff
I rocked my Ross Leopard Bathroom stuff like a boss last year . And these are actually all separate pieces . If you look closely you would see that they are different sizes and colours but they still work ... so i worked them . 

Favorite Reading Material

 September Vogue ( i wrapped mine) this was a big issue for VOGUE and i had to wait sooo long to get this in Jamaica . I loved all the editorials .. all the tips ... i just loved this issue!

Favorite T.V Shows

Gossip Girl ( series ended :-( ... forever
Once Upon a time
Two Broke Girls
Don't trust the B .. in apt 23
Teen Wolf
Giuliana and Bill
Tia and Tamera
( Basically everything on style)
Design by Jane
Switched at Birth
Pretty Little Liars
( I did not like Honey Boo boo)

Favorite You tubers

Favorite Websites
Sammy Dress

Those are all my favorites for last year . Did you see anything on my list that was your favorite?


  1. I love the Japanese cherry blossom lotion, but I didn't know they had a candle! Planning my next shopping trip in my head now.

    1. Yess :-) That candle is super auh mazing ! i love it as much as all the other Japanese Cherry Blossom Products

  2. great photos and products! Wish you to have a happy year too!
    I lved your blog:)
    I'm already following you via gfc now, would you like to follow me back?

    1. Thank You ... I'm glad you liked it .. i was actually looking to follow you yesterday but didn't see the link .. thnks for that .. i'll follow you soon

  3. I cannot believe you got the Gaga Vogue I wanted lol. I took too long to purchase it :(

  4. Ikr .. i called every Pharmacy and Bookstore for like a week straight until i found it ... its a great Edition !!

  5. That ring is so pretty! Just stopped by from G+ to see what you do over here. I'm not a fashion blogger, so I can't offer much advice or perspective on this type of blogging, but it looks like you're off to a great start. See you around!

  6. Thank You Teri:-)

  7. I've always been afraid to order from those asian sites for fear of size issues! I see you have listed two here, what has your experiences with them been like?

  8. I would say stick to the pieces that have the actual sizes rather than "free size" . For DHgate .. i only bought Make-up so i can't give any tips on that . Oh! Final tip .. there are size charts for countries etc .. read it carefully to see which is right for you..

    1. THanks! Would you consider doing a haul video next time you purchase anything from them?

  9. No prob ... i'll really like to start making videos but i need a quality camera ... the sound always gets messed up with the one i use now :-( ( or tried to use)


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