First Impressions : The Jamaica Blog Awards

Firstly , i would like to thank all those who nominated and voted for me , and i would also like to thank my sponsor I did not win ... but " It was an honour being nominated" . It was my first year at the Awards and i was disappointed . I was expecting it to be in "Award Format" . I get that they were trying to make it a laid back , comfortable  environment ... But!!!! Where were the chairs? Some chairs in the section designated for the awards would have been nice . There was seating available at the cafe' for guests and all . It was a 3 hour event that started late might i add and everybody was literally just standing there .

I also didn't get how or who judged the Blogs. There are some really good Blogs out there ( you all know my favorite two , i always mention them and tag them when there are tags) I deem these Blogs " Top Rank" , they have page views , great content and their Blogs are just good to look at ... i was looking to see these Blogs cop awards . Instead the Blogs who won were the ones who didn't have a ton of page views and had a basic template. Is it that you chose these Blogs to encourage them to get to the standards of the "Top Rank" Blogs? I know a ton of people have been thinking this because there were whispers in the air at the event . 

I know this post was a bit "different" from all my other posts and I'm looking forward to some comments . If you were at the Awards or was nominated , please share your comments about The Awards and the general process.


  1. Hey there! I was at the awards and I actually was wondering some of the same things you were. Where were the chairs? They know a lot of ladies esp wear heels and there wasn't really any warning about the setting. And although, there were some winners who I expected to win and they did, there were many who I was surprised about too. Idk if it's a matter of motivating it's just a really subjective process and based on what the judges thought about the blogs as is what happens when it just depends on people's opinions. Hopefully in the future we see a difference.

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  2. Hi Nella thank you so much for your honesty :-) I'm sooo glad i wasn't the only one who had these thoughts and i do hope it gets better as the years go by ... I actually left after an hour and a half because my feet were on fire from standing so long :-( I 'll definitely check out your Blog and Subscribe :-)

  3. Thanks. No problem. I just had to keep it 100% :)


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