D-I-Y : Quick Rose Vase

Hi  Guys! This will be my first D-I-Y for this new year . This year i really hope to step that aspect up because i love doing them plus it saves me a lot of money. Today's D-I-Y is actually unplanned and came from a quick piece i needed to lively up my Home Office which i must say came together really quickly ( pictures coming soon on Facebook) .

You will Need
  • A vase or a clear container
  • Tissue Paper ( Crepe Paper in Jamaica)
  • Tape Measure/Ruler
  • Flowers ( you can rip some from an old vase if you like)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun /Fabric Glue ( if you have regular glue that's fine)
  • A marker
Step 1 

Cut your Tissue Paper/ Fabric in 14' strips and measure an inch and a half in width.

Step 2

Take your Tissue Paper in hand and crumple them

Step 3 

Roll the strips loosely and you will begin to see what looks like a rose begins to form . As you go closer towards the end of the tissue paper , make sure it's really loose .

Step 4 

Glue the ends of the tissue paper to somewhere on your newly formed rose.
( sorry i have no pic for this step , as i said it was really quick)

Step 5

Glue your roses onto your vase and add flowers . To get your flowers to stay in place . Simply create a "tape grid " at the top of the vase . To do this , you simply place clear across the top (vertically and horizontally) until you see a grid . Take each stalk of flower and place in one of the small squares .

This is a quick inexpensive way to really brighten up your space . This will be a great conversation starter for all your guests .

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