Being Jamaican ( Rant)

I decided to do this post because it has come to my attention that i am not "Jamaican" enough according to the standards of some people . First of all ... i am Jamaican 100% , i was born in Jamaica , raised in Jamaica and i still live in Jamaica . We are all different God created us all this way because he wanted us to be unique . There are some people out there ( in this very country) who believe that there are certain things a Jamaican should do . For example:

  • All Jamaicans MUST like Ackee and Saltfish ( i hate Salfish ... i just don't like the taste of it)
  • All Jamaicans MUST have a GIGANTIC JAMAICAN FLAG depicting that they are in fact  Jamaican ( I don't have a flag and will never waste money to buy one because I'm Jamaican and i don't need a Flag to tell me that i am , I'm not brain dead i know my nationality .. it is on all my I.d's
  • All Jamaicans MUST listen to Irie Fm ( I like Zip Fm because they play music from all genres)
  • All Jamaicans MUST watch the local news ( I think the news is depressing and i hate that our news comes so late when all the good programs on cable are going on ... i actually think if they brought the news at 5 or 6 .. they would have more times to bring original programs thereby bringing up their viewership ...think about it. While I'm on this ... i think local t.v literally chases us to Cable . Whats with all the politics and those boring functions?)
  • All Jamaicans MUST act "Jamaican" ( Really? how does one act Jamaican? do i wear black green and gold everywhere i go?
This post came about because of something that happened recently that i wasn't pleased about . I asked a particular organization a question about the requirements for taking part in a program they had ... the response was " YOU HAVE TO BE JAMAICAN .. BUT WE HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL category. Things like that hurt me . Its a shame that in these times " the age of technology" that there are still people in this country who my granny would describe as " Daaak" !! If you think like that you need to get out of the dark and explore this country ... get out of your square box and literally go to other parts of this Island . I think socialization has a lot to play in my life ... i didn't get up one day and go " Let me just not "act Jamaican" for the rest of my life . This has been me from the very beginning. Don't get me wrong enuh ... i don't hate my country or nationality . I just don't like when people say stuff because i may not do the things that the "typical" Jamaican person is suppose to do or like . I wonder if these people knows the motto? I have been this way from High School , Prep School and College . I will not change .... i will not be changing my writing style to fit what might be considered as "Jamaican" . That's not me and it would therefore be fake.

I am a non confrontational personal but when you attack me because you think i don't meet your standards ( you will get the horns)


  1. Oh dear, that's rough. I don't think that you have to write a certain way or listen to certain music to be Jamaican. I know being Jamaican has influenced me to my core, even if people don't think I'm typically Jamaican, so I know that's hard to take and hurtful. Which is why I always emphasize that my culture and heritage inform my point of view. Even if it's not obvious in my form of expression. Some people just want you to fit in their little box. Their loss, not yours. That kind of small-mindedness is a huge problem here. Not everything different should be categorised as 'foreign-minded'. Don't worry, one day they'll get there and maybe catch up with you. You just keep doing you.

  2. I'm so glad you could relate to this post ... thanks for your encouraging words ... it's really sad .. but i hope one day more people will be able to step outside their box and learn to accept things that are different

  3. I agree with Dee. I think it's actually quite ridiculous because I've experienced something similar as well. I've literally been asked on different occasions if I'm Jamaican. Silly rabbits. It's just a matter of people not realizing that our motto is OUT OF MANY, ONE PEOPLE. It doesn't just mean out of many races but out of many different kinds of Jamaican. We're not just one little mold to be portrayed but a dynamic group of individuals. Don't worry people are always trying to put a label on everyone to suit their own insecutrities


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