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Hi Guys ! T.G.I.F and boy am i tired .. i was a loooong week especially with the Blog Awards coming up next week i am just super exhausted . ( Pleas vote ... the links will be at the end of the post ... vote from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access .

With that being said 2012 was a great year for nail art . We saw so many different trends from tuxedo nails/toes to cute bunny rabbits and we can never forget the popular "Rihanna Claws" . Below are some of the nail art trends for 2013.

The  Snow Caviar 

I actually saw a picture of this on Club Intuitions' FB page and thought they were so cool . The beaded nail trend is definitely in for 2013 . Tip : Be sure to get an all white manicure as this will look more sophiscated . To shake things up ... add glitter to the beads.

Racing Strips

To achieve this look , simply paint all your nails in one solid colour , wait for them to dry ... then using your nail art pen or dipping a toothpick into a different colour nail polish , simple draw a stripe in the middle of your nails .

Nail Jewellery

For this look ... all you do is add something sparkly or glittery with nail glue to make your nails stand out . I would recommend doing it on one or too nails because i think it would be too much on all the nails.

Ultra Shiny Metallics

I personally think metallics will never go out of style. The Ultra Shiny versions actually come with the sheen in them . But! to substitute that i would use a clear nail polish on top 

Diagonal Tips 

With a pop of color  Say good bye to your " Plain Jane" French Manicure where there is a straight line going across . Stand out with your diagonal manicure.

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I got these tips from Glamour Magazine , but they had like 15 Nail Trends for 2013 and i chose my favorite looks . I liked that most of these trends are super easy and you don't have to be a nail technician to do it .

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