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Hi Guys ! Today it is all about Fashion . Let's see whats Hot for 2013 . Remember to Vote for Haute People in the categories below . You Don't have to be Jamaican to vote .. all you need is access to the Internet . You can vote ONCE per DAY :-) VOTE , VOTE , VOTE ( Please :-)

Bold Stripes !

 I'm not really a lover of stripes , but the Fashion people say its back so we have to listen to the experts:-) That'a really cute top though


 We saw a lot of faux leather in 2012 . This year it is all about Luxe leather . Of course this is not ideal for everyday wear in Jamaica ( unless you like sweating ) . I would say invest in at least one quality piece and wear it with another material like maybe Cotton . Also , try to find colors besides the traditional Black or Brown leather if you want to really stand out.

Flats and low heals

 As I've said in the first Trendspotting post , 2013 is all about being polished and well put together , while making a statement . For this i would recommend a pointy toe shoe or maybe a cap toe ( those are still in)

Cut- Out pieces

 I have been seeing a lot of these "peak -a- boo" pieces all over the place . If you decide to do this make sure you find a piece that accentuates your best feature . This look enhances a specific part of your body and you want to make sure that you are comfortable with that part showing.

Statement Sunglasses 

 Think outside the box here ... think vintage .. think weird shapes and you will be on your way with this trend .

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