A Week in Trendpotting!

Hi Guys! Week 1 of the New Year has passed and i can't complain :-) I loooooove doing series posts .. so this week it is all about Trends for 2013 . Today , i'll be starting with hair .

The Knot

Before i get into it , i should tell you that 2013 is a year of "Minimalism" with an edge ( your personality). There are 2 versions to this trend ... the "top knot" which is like a high knotted bun and the lower version ( which i think is more elegant).It can be simple ... or edgy.


The type im making reference to are what we call "plaits" in Jamaica. These are a single braid that can vary in size . This can be "clean" or more "messy" for a Bohemian . These are a great way to "show off your face" or a really nice low back dress . Check out how this Fashionista below rocked her single braid . I'm predicting we'll be seeing lots of girls rocking this look in Jamaica.

Low Pony

The Ponytail is always a timeless "classy" look and no it is not just for librarians ..lol

Slicked Back

Simple , Simple , Simple ! Get water + Gel ( or anything that holds the hair together ) and you are set - literally . Think James Dean or Scott Disick :-)))

Head Gear

It is all about Hair / Head accessories . Headbands , Scarfs , Head chains .. you name it . Try to find the ones that are bold statement pieces.

I really hope my predictions are right . These predictions are actually based on what I've been seeing on stores online as well as Magazines .

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