My New Years Resolutions

Hi Guys ! Today i want to share my New Years Resolutions with you . I don't usually make a list like most people , i just try to do better than i did in the last year. Since having a Blog and basically running my own Business my entire life has become a Running Order ( that's PR talk)  I then thought " why not just write stuff down you want to accomplish in 2013 ! The list is below

Eat Healthy and Exercise - I know most of you who know me is probably wondering why do i want to exercise and eat healthy if i'm already so slim . Thing is .. even though i might be slim, i'm not really healthy . I would like to work out at least once a wk for 20 minutes ... mainly Cardio ( since i'm slim)  Also , i'm a picky eater. Unlike most Jamaicans who looove Dumplings and Plantains , and Bananas and Yam and all that .... stuff ... i don't! I only eat Chicken Breast and Seafood in Meat and only rice and pasta. I'm not one of those people "who don't eat anything with a face" , that's just how I've been since a child . However ! I loooooooove Fast food :-( Chinese , Pizza , Burger are my friends . So my goal is to incorporate healthier stuff in my diet . However!!! i will not eat Salad and drink water! That's just crazy .... how does a person get through a day on "bird food"?

Write A Book - It's just something I've always wanted to do! I seriously might not even do this but i figured i would write a page a day , then hopefully it will all come together .

Read all the Magazines on my "Magazine Table" - I guess you could say i collect Magazines . Every month i buy Elle , Glamour , Vogue , In Style and sometimes Allure and maybe Cosmo . The first 4 I've listed is a must . I find that i actually like having the magazines displayed and added to the collection rather than reading them . So Next year i plan to read them all from cover to cover ( If you are an avid reader who would like to send me something send a magazine .. i will love it)

Wear all my clothes - I also collect clothes . Some people buy clothes because they want to wear it out or to create a look . I will actually buy something because i think it will look good in my closet , then i colour coordinate them  and the hangers and just sit and stare at them for a few minutes . I can't help it that i'm a weirdo :-(

Set A Realistic Budget : Most of my money goes into Savings , then bills , then myself . However , i want to set a budget where funds are evenly distributed and i cut back on stuff i don't really need .

Launch a line! This might be an accessory or limited clothing line .. i really don't know

Start Saving Towards a House : I recently got a car and it feels really good to have an asset . But now i want to save towards a house . Right now it seems far away , but so did the car . If there is anybody reading this who has a similar goal like myself and feels that its far away , just start saving! and see how far it takes you.

I know to some people some of these things might seem superficial . But they are my goals that i hope to accomplish


  1. Love This Post....
    I'll soon be doing one, I enjoy how yours is positive compared to stop doing this and that and start doing this :)
    I have followed you
    Could you check out my blog darling?

  2. I'm glad you liked it , i followed your Blog on Google .. and subscribed


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