My Jamaica Epicurean Experience

The Jamaica Epicurean Escape is a Gastronomic extravaganza bringing together Gourmet Cuisine , Celebrity Chefs , Fine Wines and Spirits coupled with first class Entertainment and Activities for the entire family . This event was held on December 1-2  at Richmond Estate , St. Ann Jamaica .

There was a lot going on! There were Food Demonstrations ( which i greatly appreciated since I'm not much of a cook ) I liked that each Chef incorporated some of our local products with their own to create affordable nutritious meals . I sat in on the Food Demonstration of Panamanian Chef Patricia Miranda Allen . I was really intrigued by all the Recipes she created and how simple and tasty they were . I enjoyed her Sorrel Salad which contained Jack-fruit , Fresh Cheese , Purple Onion and Cilantro . This was actually my first time Eating Jack-fruit . It is soo fruity and flavorful ... and because of all its goodness all the ingredients complimented it really well . It was really fresh as if all the ingredients were just picked.

Next I made my way through the village and to all the booths. This was where i experienced some problems. I had the Green "Luxury" V.I.P/Media  Band which gave me access to the Luxury Pavilion , Luxury Lounge and other glorious things. However , the volunteers and some of the booths did not know about this and kept telling me to buy tickets which would allow me to have samples from their booths. Since i knew nothing about this , i had to walk all the way back to the front gate to locate the V.I.P Security who then told me to walk back down to another Security who then pointed out Marcia Mcdonnough to me ( The Head Honcho behind the entire event)  who was kind enough to point out all the booths where i could get food without tickets . My recommendations is to have a Briefing Session with all the Volunteers , Securities and Chefs to inform them of all the various levels and what each person can access. I'm a very patient person , but while at the gate trying to find a security i heard another Irate Luxury Band holder "Giving the people at the front gate a peace of her mind in true "Jamaican style" Things like that are reeeeally important . A map of the area would have been great . Speaking of maps , in my package i was told that i would receive a map , however I'm yet to see it . I must however commend the team on Signage and Recycle Bins , there were at least 2 bins at each booth . I don't know about you , but i like it when i don't have to go out of my way to put away my garbage. Below are some of the pictures from the Luxury Pavilion and other Booths . See that lady in the first pic? That's Evita from the famous "Evita's" Restaurant ,  without a doubt , that is the best Pasta I've tasted :-)

The Headliner for Entertainment was Patti La Belle. Guys I'm not gonna lie , i was extremely surprised when i saw her on stage at 4:00 doing her sound check for her performance at 7 :00 . Its not strange for International performers who are booked for an event to not show up . She was also there to showcase her own line of Cooking Products . Below I've ranked the Event in 4 Categories

I liked all the food that i tried and i especially loved the fact that the serving size was just enough , it was too small nor was it too much, it was just right. I got to really taste the food. I would recommend hosting the event in Kingston next year since Richmond Estate is so far away and not everybody in Jamaica has access to a car . I'm a new driver and i had no idea how to get there and i had to resort to a tour bus which was another story ( immature BIG kids)  Ahh boy .

Venue : 6/10 
Food : 8/10
Execution : 8/10
Over all Experience : 9/10

I want to thank all those involved in the event for allowing me to come down as a V.I.P for Free , it means so much to me as a new Blogger . Also , i am looking forward to another staging of the event in 2013 :-) By then i will have my own "Video Team" :-))

If you went to the event on either day , please share your experience

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