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Hi Guys , i know its Saturday and i don't usually post on Saturdays but its Blogmas! The holidays are all about sparkle and monochromatic outfits . I thought the timing was right for this post because i went to Half Way Tree last night and apparently a rainbow threw up on everybody there :-( I was literally dizzy ... there was this one lady she was wearing one of those mosaic multi colour tops a neon green pants, yellow shoes an orange bag .. and she had the audacity to wear accessories with all of that . Today , i would like to share 3 holiday trends with you .

Winter White 

You can never go wrong with white for the holidays . There are always theme parties surrounding white in Jamaica . White is however not the easiest color to find , so i would recommend buying it in October or November during "Graduation" season.

Sparkle/ Sequence

In my opinion , Sequence can never go out of style! I think its kinda like make up . You get to do a "build up" . You decide whether you want it to be less or more .


I personally don't like Velvet because of the material , but the "Fashion People" say its in style so its in style . They also recommend wearing it head to toe , we'll see how that one works out.

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