Blogmas ! Day 4 : Christmas Traditions

Honestly Guys ... looking back i think this should have been Day 5 ... but let's call it day 4 :-) Today i would like to share with you some of my Christmas Traditions.

One of my Big Christmas traditions is to travel with my family. We leave the 23rd of December every year . The entire family travels ... kinda like Home Alone ( minus leaving a child of course ) but double the chaos . We travel to Tennessee to visit our uncle and his family . Once we are there , on Christmas Eve , we do the whole open gifts thing in the morning , then we have dinner , then open more gifts and take "The Family Picture" :-)) ... After that we usually watch a movie , then everybody slowly drifts off to bed .

I remember when i was younger my Aunts' mother would make us sweaters .. so we would all have matching sweaters :-) lol . We wore them happily too. Check out this picture below ( let's hope none of my "cool" cousins read this ) ...

What are some of your family traditions?

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