Blogmas! Day 3 Gift Guide ( for Fashionable Girls)

Hi Guys! Today i want to share with you a Gift Guide for " Fashionable Ladies " and women on a whole . This is really targeted at the guys just so you can know what to get us . I'll even include some of the things on my personal Wish List.

1. Michael Kors Watch: It is no secret that Michael Kors designs great trendy watches that are also very functional . On all my favorite Beauty and Fashion Gurus on YouTube and also some of the Bloggers i follow , i saw M.K watches . These are a bit on the pricey side , but the woman in your life will love it . I want the gold version because i have a similar gold white and blinged version . Guys in case you are wondering how you can get this ... click the link below

2. Beauty Treatments : Every girl likes to be pampered like a princess ... treat her to a relaxing massage , facial , mani/pedi or the entire package . She will love it . I know i sure would. Below are some links  ( Jamaica) .
Jencare Day Spa , Adzua Organic SpaIsabelle's Day Spa,

3. Perfume : I'm not really into Perfume , because i don't wear it . But this is a timeless gift that women will love . Perfumes are also great for Birthdays . For Christmas , i recommend going big and pulling out all the stops . Think designers like :

Balenciago Paris , Marc Jacobs , Britney Spears ( love her and her bottles are soo pretty) and Dior 

4. Jewellery : I don't know about anybody else but i looooooove BLING!!! Earrings , Necklaces  just anything with BLING!!! Guys , please don't buy fakes . Buy REAL Gold , REAL Diamonds , Real Platinum . I have no idea where in Jamaica to get really nice stuff because i like unique pieces and i feel i see a lot of  "Generic" type stuff at our local Jewellery stores. Here are some of the places i like :

Kay Jewellers , Neil Lane , Pandora 

5. A Trip! A trip to anywhere at all is always nice . A trip is also on my Wish List . I would like to go to New York or Atlanta next year . I chose these places because i feel i need to be inspired a bit more and i really like these 2 places . Atlanta has a more "layed back swag" going on .. and! they have CNN Atlanta , went one year and it was auh mazing ( If you are into Journalism or anything Media related you will love it) Its where i fell in love with Anderson Cooper

6. Make Up : Guys, if your girl is into Fashion and Beauty .. give her some Cosmetics. Get her a set of nice brushes or some high end Make -Up that she would like , but can't really afford . Here are some ideas below .

M.A.C , Sigma Brushes , Estee Lauder , Chanel

8. Cash ! Who doesn't love Money ? How about writing a cheque for a generous amount so she can buy herself whatever she likes ? Maybe you can skip all I've mentioned above and just give her the cash . I would prefer all the "stuff" because i love stuff .

This list of course is not limited to what I've mentioned . These are the things i would like as well as some general "girl stuff" . We are all different and have different needs , so shop according to what your girl needs.

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  1. Very beautiful Michael Kors watch. It's MK 8077 model, right?

  2. Yes,Its the Gold MK 8077


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