On the Second day of Blogmas my true love gave to meeeeee ....a china glaze nail polish ( sing it ... it does rhyme) lol . Today , i started semi- decorating my room. I change up my room every year . Last year it was Leopard . Leopard sheets , Leopard Bathroom fixtures , a Leopard "Dream" sign .  I got all these things at Ross for only $40 last Thanksgiving ... no joke !

I'm thinking i want it to be between a French Theme or a Bedroom Boutique. Maybe i could find a way to do both .. but! my room is small and i have a lot of stuff .. so we'll see how that goes .

Here's my idea for the Bedroom Boutique so far. I'm thinking of getting these framed in either a black or gold frame. ( These are from the September Issue of Vogue .. i felt bad ripping them from the magazine)

4 of my favorite designers : Alexander McQueen , Valantino , Dulce and Gabbana , Oscar de la Renta


  1. You should share pics once you are done decorating.

    Exotic You


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