Hi Guys ! So sorry for the late post , i was at the Jamaica Epicurean Experience ( pictures coming soon) .

As soon as i got back home , i went to the storage closet and i took out the decorations. Being as organized as i am , i grouped them according to color and type . All the balls went together , then all the lights and so on. Every year , i take out my decorations on December 1 st , then try to think of a theme . I was thinking its between Blue or Kaleidoscope ( since i have a myriad of colours) . I want to do something really different this year , so we'll have to see how it goes :-) Of course , I'll post pics because its BLOGMAS!!


These are actually my favorite Christmas Balls , they are really simple , but they have Glitter :-)

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  1. Can't wait to see how your Christmas tree turns out


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