Uwi Fashion Week Teaser

Yes you read it right . A very stylish birdie told me that Uwi will have its very own Fashion Week Next Year and it's gonna be E-P-I-C . Fashionistas , break out your stilletoes , mark your calendars ... and get ready for the most stylish event to hit Mona! Haute People was invited to a Sneak Peak of Uwi Fashion week during Integration Thursday and of course we went "Behind the Seams". This is more of a "Soft Launch / Teaser" , just to inform students of the event.The Designers featured were : Minka and Penny Fashions.

Penny Fashion is Trendy up and coming clothing line that is targeted at "Fashionista's on a Budget". This line caters to women of different tastes ranging fr Gothic to Classic : Girly to Futuristic . The tag line for the brand is "Designed by T made by Nadine". Haute People had the chance to speak to the woman behind the brand who expressed that the main goal is to bring back affordable clothing .

" Some time ago a woman could get an outfit for $3000 that looks good , that is what i want to bring back " - T ( Penny Fashions)

Minka Clothing " Where High Fashion meets Individuality".  When you think of authentic Jamaican clothing : Think Minka ! All designs are specially handcrafted with love and care to fit all people of various demographics from Grandmas to babies!

Please see the photos below .

Minka                                                         Minka   

                                                    Minka                                Penny Fashion
 Penny's Fashion

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on Uwi Fashion Week ! I will keep you as updated as i possibly can without giving too much away ... I'll realllllllllllllly try to sneak in some "Behind the Seams" Photos:-) shhh


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Penny Fashions

Make- Up 
Tiffany Gordon

Haute People
Taken on location at Salon Splurt Uwi Mona

* All photos are the property of Haute People*

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