Make It Happen ! : Danielle Reid

Today is the official launch of "Make It Happen" . This new exciting feature highlights the accomplishments of four young , successful Jamaicans individuals in the Creative Industry. 

Today , we'll be talking to a young lady who is Fresh out of High School and have not even gained the "Freshman 15". Let's see what Danielle Reid from Danielle Reid Creations has to tell us about her Journey to success.

H.P:How did you get into Fashion Design?

D:R:I think designing was always an inherent ability. As a child I had a toy sewing machine and I made clothes for my Barbie dolls. But I think I took it more seriously when I got older and wanted certain kind of clothes that weren't available in Jamaica, or were way too expensive. I would compile designs and get them made at like a third of the price.

But me making bows started with me first making bags. In 2010 I made them as a way to support myself throughout the season. I would never sell them over $500. Unfortunately, the venture failed. Making bows was unintentional, which I will get into later. The following summer, I was successful in getting them in a leading clothing store called House of Style in Pavilion Mall.

H.PHow did you balance starting a hair accessories line while in High school?

D.R: Now I realize that what I should have done was prioritize. But at the time, I felt like I could do it all: make 10 headbands a night while studying for CAPE. Not a good idea. I found myself going to bed too late and waking up too early. Eventually my parents intervened, and had to turn down or put off certain jobs.

H.P:What do you like most about being a Designer?

D.R:I love being able to dictate what my style is. I don’t care much for trends, and mainly get my clothes made. Being a designer enables me to create the way I want to dress- which is pretty different from what is currently in style or available in Jamaica.

H.P:How would you describe your line?

D.R:My line is definitely inspired by the vintage 50’s era. They may range from preppy plaids and stripes to bright polka dots and floral  One thing I keep constant is vintage influence. I think this sets it apart from other hair brands.

H.P:What inspired this line?

D.R:One inspiration was my love of the Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. She was definitely spoiled, but what she didn't have, she worked immensely hard for. This inspired me. Her style staple was a hair bow ,so I started wearing bows to school as a way of emulating her. I made them myself. My schoolmates would ask me to make them for them. News kept spreading and soon I was a designer. It really wasn't intentional, but I’m happy that it happened.

H.PFinish the sentence ... "I can't live without my?
D.R: Jesus. I take credit for none of the success I receive, and I believe that I should always mention Him.

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