How To Style up your Tuxedo Blazer

Hi Guys ! Today , i will be giving tips on how to style a Tuxedo Blazer . Firstly , A "Tuxedo" Blazer as the name suggests is the Fashion replica of the classic well tailored Blazer . They come in various colors and cuts :-)  Let's have some fun dressing up !

Look 1
Chic Casual 
For this look , you would simply pair it with a more fitted darker was jeans , add a more "dressy" top and minimal accessories . Pick one statement piece , maybe a bold clutch as shown on the model above.

Look 2 
The Powerful Fashionista

Simply pair your Tuxedo Jacket with a pair of slacks or a sleek pencil skirt . The Subtle yet trendy Fashionista would stick to a more monochromatic look , while the daring Fashionista will choose a bold printed Jacket like Leopard and use it to "Spruce Up" , a plain outfit.

Look 3
Girls Night out !

This is the most effortless look . Get your favorite party dress , highest heels and totally to die for accessories  and throw on your Blazer and you are out the door in a matter of minutes ( not including hair and make-up of course)

Another option is to add shorts : If you are looking to truly stand out , add a pair of leggings and knee high boots . With this look i'd recommend keeping the hair  and make -up "clean" and neat . You have a lot going on with the outfit therefore your face should not be speaking loudly .. it should be more of a soft whisper  :-)

There are sooo many looks you can create from a Tuxedo Blazer . It is a classic versatile piece that fits each person style . Be sure when you create the look .. it suits Y-O-U .

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