Haute Survival Guide : BLACK FRIDAY!

Hey haute people!
With black Friday starting today in the United States and of course shopping being a national past-time for many of my fellow haute subbies. I wanted to share some tips that may be helpful in navigating
1. PLAN: Although it seems obvious many people forget that planning and adequate preparation is the beginning of any good black Friday excursion or sales rack exploration. Planning for purchases not only saves time and money but it eliminates unnecessary purchasing or purchasing on a whim and the best thing of all you're not stuck in some checkout line that you didn't anticipate or plan for before hand
2. MAKE USE OF SPECIALS,COUPONS AND SALES: This tip is kind of self explanatory especially during Black Friday  If you're anything like me if there's a discount card, coupon or sale available i'm all over it. These can form apart of your planning before hand and can help to act as a guide when making purchases. IF THERE'S A DEAL MAKE USE OF IT.

3 BUY THINGS IN SEASON: I know this seems weird and I'm sure you guys normally hear this saying in relation to fruits and vegetables but I've actually found that this saying holds true to buying clothes as well. That means buying a winter coat just before winter or at the beginning of whatever season it is. This is a tip that can maybe depend on where you are and what deals are available to you
4.INTERNET aka THE SAVIOR: in the modern day of the internet there are millions of deals and opportunities now available to us that includes internet shopping,printable coupons and deals available through a stores website. During the black Friday explosion a lot of deals are also available online this is amazing news for those of us not in the states or in the respective city.

5. GRAB A FRIEND: I've always found that shopping with someone you trust can yield extraordinary results. Not only do you get advice about how things look on and what's haute and whats not. For me shopping with a friend is like sharing a religious experience and going to church with your bestie. I love the experience and i mean who's going to be more honest than your trusted friend.  


NB. All of my tips are from my personal shopping experiences and results could possible vary for others.........

GEO <3

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