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Today is a very special "Haute Feature" with Eyola Fashion House. Eyola is a label that takes inspiration from the Victorian era and sister label www.femmederose.com a website that allows women to custom-make their jacket
tailored to their exact size!

Eyola Fashion House is the brainchild of Aloye Adede . Adede was Born and raised in London . After receiving a Bsc Hons Degree in Business Management in Surrey , she then moved to Italy to study Fashion Communication and Styling at the prestigious Istituto Europeo di Design to pursue her Masters Degree. In 2007 she graduated and went back to London to set up her Business . It was realized that men customized their suits to fit their bodies while women bought their suits off the rack which offers little tailoring. In 2011 Eyola's sister label Femme De Rose was launched, a luxury online custom-made service giving women the ability to design and purchase a personalized jacket tailored to their exact size and taste. The Eyola Brand is not limited to Jackets but also women's luxury fashions such as one of a kind dresses that has been worn by celebrities such as : Rihanna and Blake Lively  only to name a few. Eoyla has worked with the late great Alexander McQueen and Wale Adeyemi.

Femme De Rose creates unique, one of a kind, luxury blazer jackets for women. The label offers three price ranges of blazer jackets. Design options increase with each subsequent range offering a selection of buttons, linings, trimmings and high quality British, Scottish and Venetian wool all sourced in England. 

See How Your Jacket is Made

From the moment you see the website , you know you have entered something truly amazing . This high resolution , multi faceted website is simply beautiful ( and you haven't even seen the clothing yet) . You are pleasantly "lured" to shop as you sway to the tones of mellow classical music in the background  and also the amazing make-up "art" displayed on the perfectly styled models. This brand has been featured in various high end magazines such as : Vogue , Kult, Trendsetter, The Independent,Status , Harpers Bazaar ( only to name a few) . Eyola maintains a high standard which means every Blazer  Jacket is made by the most skilled tailors.The craftsmanship originates from the nineteenth century following in the footsteps of London's Savile Row tailors whom after years of experimentation developed techniques of molding wool to the body.

Designing Your Custom made blazer can be done in 4 Easy Steps :
1) Choose the desired price range of the jacket
2)Choose the features of the customized jacket
3)Select  Dress Size along with bust, waist and hip measurement
4)Proceed to Checkout

When i went on the website and checked out the information on the "about" page and also the Press Release, I'll have to admit i was super excited! It's like you get to be your own Fashion Designer and you also get to have a really great piece that will be yours for a long time .

Please Visit  EYOLA and Femme De Rose To Design your custom pieces.

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