D-I-Y : Picture Frame Earring Holder

Hi Guys! I'm back into the groove of things :-) I'll be sharing my LIME experience with you guys pretty soon . LIME is a Telecommunications company in Jamaica. Anyway , today i thought i'd do something really simple just to get things going. I"ll link a video on this D-I-Y as i have to purchase more space to upload pictures :-)

You will Need :

Old or Broken Picture Frame ( if you want to buy one , that's fine too)
Tape , Glue ( Optional)
Glitter ( Anything at all you like to decorate)

Step 1 

If you are using one of those picture frames that has a back and a glass , carefully remove those . I actually used a large frame that was holding my white board in place that literally fell apart , so i skipped that step ,

Step 2

Start Threading ! The pattern you want to use is all up to you . My frame had really tiny hooks , so all i did was basically push them through and looped them to create a sort of diagonal design . You would simply use your tape or glue to affix the thread to the back of the frame to create a sturdy base . As i said , the pattern is all up to you . You can do straight lines across , a grid or anything at all.

Step 3

Start decorating . Again , i've decided to break out my red glitter because i had some left over from my Peter Pan  Collar Necklace D-I-Y :-)

Step 4

Add your earrings ! You should now replace the back you took out to secure the your pattern. If you used a large backless frame like me , you can use ribbon or chains so that it can be hung.

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative today . Above all be C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T !!

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* I do not own the rights to this video*

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