D-I-Y : Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Hi Guys! Soo after watching MissGlamourazzi's  G-I-Y video on YouTube , i was inspired to make my very own Peter Pan Collar Necklace. Since we are fast approaching the festive season , i saw it fit to give it a go.

You will Need :
  • Fabric Glue
  • Felt
  • Glitter ( or anything you choose to use as embellishment: ( studs , pearls etc)
  • Ribbon/Chain
  • Small Brush ( paint brush , large make-up brush you no longer use)
  • Pattern
  • Paint Pen/Marker/Chalk
  • Wax /Newspaper
I know this list seems exhaustive , but the only thing i bought was the felt . Use your imagination and use what you already have at home . The point of this D-I-Y is to look "Glamorous and Save Money "

(This is actually glue in that ginger beer bottle .. had to throw some Jamaican element in there :-)

Step 1
Take a piece of Felt and fold it in half . For my Jamaican readers living in Kingston , i bought my felt at Trimmings World located at Premier Plaza in Half Way Tree . 1 yard is $300 , however i bought 1/2 yd, for $150 , and i know I'll get several uses out of it.

Step 2
Place your pattern on the felt. Be sure to line up the pattern with the folded side of the felt. The arrow will indicate the direction it is to be placed.

Step 3
Take your Paint Pen/ Marker or writing device to outline the pattern on the felt. Take your Scissors to cut out the shape you just outlined.
* You should now see the shape of the Peter Pan Collar * You can also shape it down to the size of your liking as i did *

Step 4
Using your small paint/make-up brush , apply the glue over one side of the collar . This is so that the glue does not dry too quickly. Be sure to cover your work area with Newspaper or Wax paper as glitter is really messy.

Step 5
Sprinkle your glitter onto the painted surface. Be sure to shake off the excess glitter.I also recommend getting a container to place your glitter in , as glitter is messy and it's quite tedious to keep squirting or pouring glue over and over again.

Step 6 
Take your ribbon and glue it firmly to the tip of your collar . For better results , I'd recommend sewing .

Step 7
Leave to dry for several hours and VOILA! You've got your Peter Pan Collar Necklace 

There are soooo many other types of collars you can create , i chose to use Glitter because i had Glitter at home. Be creative and use whatever inspires you . I hope that i have inspired at least one person to go out and be creative ! Above all be C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T !!

Oh! You can download your PETER PAN COLLAR PATTERN HERE 


  1. Such a cool diy.
    Love it.


  2. wow! Lovely, I liked it!


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