D-I-Y "Monki" Inspired Straight Knot Necklace

Hi Guys! today i come to you with another D-I-Y ... It's close to Christmas and I'm trying to save money so I'm making what i can :-) I love doing D-I-Y's but they take long ... but I'll try to do them throughout this festive season . While watching a couple YouTube vids from some of the gurus i subscribe to 'across the pond" i noticed that they talk about Monki (which is a clothing and accessories store) alot . so i decided to check it out and saw a necklace ( shown below)

This necklace was 15 pounds!! That's a lot for a necklace when you convert it in JMD . I was like "this is cloth , so I'll just try to make it" . Here we go !!!

You Will Need :
2 small pliers
Jersey Material
Fabric Glue
Hooks ( Lobster clasps or whatever you have )
Tape Measure/ Ruler
Needle and Thread ( Optional)

Step 1
Lay your Jersey material flat on a smooth clean surface

Step 2
Cut 4 lengths of Fabric 30 inches long and 3 inches wide .

Step 3 
Lay Fabric strips on surface and stretch  ( as shown above)

Step 4
Use a tiny piece of fabric to tie a knot at the end . Be sure to cut off excess pieces .

Step 5
Start weaving a "Straight Knot" . This was sooo complicated for me , i actually found some vids of girls doing this same necklace . I found a really great one but she had like really huge hands and it blocked the tutorial :-( I tried and tried until i got it :-) Basically all you do is take strands from opposite ends and form a loop across each other , then take the two other loops from the opposites and go under the first loops . It's kinda like basket weaving . It takes time , but if you have patience you will get it ... It took me from the start of 90210 until the end of Gossip Girl.

Step 6
Tighten knot and repeat steps .

Step 7

Using a tiny piece of fabric , cover the ends so the the tied pieces are not showing . You can either sew or glue .

Step 8

Add our chain to the first small piece of fabric that you tied . It should just go on !

Step 9

Allow your necklace to dry and wear with your favorite outfit.

I would recommend using a brighter color material , it makes the knot really "pop" , i used white because that's what i had at home and my goal is always to save money .

Be inspired ! Make your own creations ... i'll have something really simple ... or truly auh  mazing next week . So look out for one of the two.


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