D-I-Y Mini " Cupcake Stand Inspired Jewellery / Vanity Storage

Hi Guys ! As promised ... For this week , i wanted to do something really amazing or really simple ... i chose amazing!! The total cost for this D-I-Y is $1175.00

You Will Need :

  • 2 Clear Round/ Square Plates
  • 1 champagne /Margarita flute
  • Tissue paper 3-4 ( Depending on how thick you want your roses)
  • Super Glue / Hot Glue Gun

Step 1 
Glue the base and rim of the glass firmly to the middle of the plates. If you use a hot glue gun , make sure that it is not too hot as it can crack or break the glass. You should now see what kinda looks like a cupcake stand.

Step 2
Cut your Tissue Paper in 4 equal parts . From each part , you are now going simply roll them until you begin to see what looks like the inside of a rose begins to form. The reason why i said 4 parts is because you can simply cut them into smaller pieces , instead of cutting 100 individual roses.

( Isn't that cool)

Step 3
Place some glue at the back of the plates. To save time , do it all around instead of one by one .

Step 4 
Attach your "roses" to the plate. Allow to dry for a few minutes . If you have pearls , or any other embellishments , you can also add them now. ( Shown in Step 3 above)

Step 5
After the glass has completely dried . Add your favorite little things and enjoy:-)

Tip : For a more personalized look , paint or spray paint your stand to match with your room . I chose not to do this to mine because i have no idea what colour i want my room to be in this year , so clear was the best choice for me .

Azans Springs Plaza ( Kingston , Jamaica)

Plates $145.00 JMD ea
Glass $ 175.00 JMD
Glue Gun : $560.00 JMD
Glue Sticks : $150 .00 6pk ( i would not recommend buying them from Azans because they are too big for the glue gun and i had to return them . (Glue sticks are available at Hardwares and Craft stores Island Wide)

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative today . Above all , be C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T!!

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