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Today Haute People goes "Behind The Seams" with a talented young Jewelry Designer who is a High school student form Portland OR, U.S.A. Enya Zhu is the owner of the Etsy Shop Lightshandmade which is a Wire Jewelry Shop which specializes in earrings , rings and bracelets.

H.P: How long have you been a Jewelry Designer?
 E.Z: I have only been making jewelry for less than a year. I'm in high school still and I'm glad I started early in my life so I can practice and experiment more before maybe turning it into a career in the future.

H.P: Of all the fields of Design ... why Jewelry?
E.Z: It's the field I find most fun! It started as a fun hobby and turned into something I take pride in working hard at. Also, jewelry making is easy to get into since it doesn't require any intimidating/expensive tools or materials to start out with.

H.P: How would you describe your line /Pieces?
E.ZI would describe my pieces to be simple and sweet, good for everyday wear.

H.P: What inspired these pieces?
E.Z:My inspiration comes from material like beads and charms that I like, other pieces I see in person or online, and I've even seen jewelry in my dreams that I make in real life.

H.P: What is the process involved in designing a unique piece?
E.Z: Because I try and follow the saying "less is more" when it comes to making new jewelry, the process is never long. I take whatever my inspiration was, alter it to my taste, and start playing with material until it works or doesn't. Sometimes I make a sketch.

H.P: How would you describe your personal style?
E.Z: I would say my personal style is not very daring or unusual. I suppose somewhat "hipster", which is inevitable living in Portland, Oregon. I like simple and sweet, which I think reflects in the jewelry I make.

H.P: Finish the sentence .... "I cannot live without My .......
E.Z: I cannot live without my laptop.  It organizes my shop (and life!), it leads me to inspiration (pinterest is another source of inspiration) and plays my music!

The Review

I was sent 3 rings to review by Enya . These are :

The Infinity Ring $7.50
The Heart Ring $7.50 usd
Love Ring $10.00 usd

They were packaged in a really simple white Jewelry box . I would describe these rings as "Dainty Girly Chic" , but they can still be worn everyday. I like how thin they are and they can all be worn at once without being too much as you can see from the picture. Many of you will not know but , the wire ring trend was started by a group of young Celebrities such as 'The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber" , as purity rings. However! after a while for some strange reason , they stopped wearing them and the rings became more "commercialized" and more A-list Celebrities like Rihanna and Lauren Conrad starting wearing them and adding their own customization , check out L.C'S "Diamond " version of the ring.

 Of the 3 , i must say , my favorite ring is the "l-o-v-e" ring . It's really pretty, i especially love the font:-) These rings can be worn on your knuckles if you decide to go for an edgier look!

To see more products and for purchase information , visit Lightshandmade

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