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As some of you may or may not know .. i work from home ( really) It's not code for "I'm Unemployed but want to think of a fancy less embarrassing way to say this " .. i really do. With that being said .. sometimes i like going out to lunch .. other times i'm too lazy or swamped to leave . I have a huge list of take-out menus and Courier Services ( I'm not really a good cook ..we all have our flaws)

Today i decided to try Advance Couriers. I've been seeing their flyers in a lot of Fb groups and walls . I have to admit .. the picture of the burger on the flyer got me ...lol . I looooooooooooove me some Bk . I called them up .. told them what i wanted and also the name of the restaurant .

I called them at 12:30 and by 12:45 my lunch was here !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! As i said I've tried a lot of courier services and so far none of them have been this quick . They completely understand that when a person calls for a lunch drop off  .. It's Urgent!!!  I love that. My lunch was also hot and intact . Most courier services i use , i end up getting cold lunch and a smushed box However ! I did not like the cost of delivery when i live in Kingston and the Restaurant is also in Kingston . The cost of Delivery was $350  and the lunch was $420 ... that's like Taxi Fare right there !! Anyway , i personally think the Customer Service outweighs the cost :-)  Oh Yeah! The delivery guy didn't have change and he rode around until he came back with it :-) Which other courier service would do that??

Keep Up the Great Service Advance Couriers ... but plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz " do sumn fi di delivery cost"

Advance Courier is 100% Haute Approved.

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