Lip Service: Warm and Toasty Nudes

Making it's way going towards the Winter season are nudes.  If you've accumulated your nudes from earlier this year when they became popular , now is the time to get them back out!!

The great thing about a Nude Lip Stick is that you can choose to have a "build up" . That is unlike those harsh lipsticks that are just really Red or Really Coral , you get to decide how "intense" you want it by gradually adding it until you've reached the desired shade.

Get The Look!
Step 1 
Apply clear lip balm to your lips. This will make your lips smoother and also easier for your lipstick to be applied.
Step 2
Taking a lip liner closer to your skin tone, carefully line your lips
Step 3
Apply your favorite nude Lip Stick to your perfectly lined lips
Step 4 ( Optional)
Finish with a lip-gloss to add shine and complete the look!

Below are a few Lip Sticks to try

Nude lipsticks are great if you have created more of an intense eye. It completely pulls the entire look together by putting the focus on the eyes . What is your favorite brand of Lip Stick and how do you wear it?

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