Lip Service : CoverGirl Flipstick Lipcolor

Hi Guys:-) I know you've all been seeing those Covergirl commercials with Sofia Vergara and most recently Taylor Swift advertising " Covergirl Flipstick" .  I just wanted to talk about that auh mazing product today ... don't you all just love Covergirl :-)

If you walk into any Department Store , Cosmetic Store or just any store that sells Make-Up , the first thing you'll notice about the Flipstick Lipcolor is its packaging. This sleekly designed product comes in a double ended Lipstick duo , with a reflecting color combo and a clear glass case on both ends.

It comes in 13 shades and you are able to "Flip" your look from Day to Night in an instant. One side has a creamy shade , while the other side consists of a "shimmer shade ." It's two wearable , blend able colors in one fun sleek stick!
The CoverGirl Flipstick has received the "Cosmetic Executive Women" Insiders Beauty Award and is one of Allure's Magazine "Best Beauty" product of 2012.

Get the Look!

Simply apply the cream lipstick end to your lips , then add the shimmer product on top! It's as easy at that! For a shimmery showstopping pout , apply the shimmer just in the middle of the bottom lip! For even better results , apply a lip balm to bare lips before applying this product.

The Flipstick Lipcolor can be found at Department Stores such as Walmart , K-Mart and Beauty Supply stores such as In Jamaica , it can be found in High End Pharmacies such as Monarch Pharmacies , Manor Park Pharmacy and Discount Pharmacy . Also consult your local beauty supplier to see if they have this product in stock.

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