Lessons In Etiquette : Meeting the Parents

Imagine this : One night you are all snuggled up in bed with your significant other and they turn to you out of the blue and say " I think we should have dinner at my parents house this weekend". If your first retort is " Oh S*@t!!! You are not alone.
Meeting the parents for the first time can be quite daunting . What if they don't like you , or you don't like them . After all you never get a second chance to make a first impression .

 Think of when "Charlie" met Viola in "Monster In Law" or when "Greg" met Pam's father in "Meet the Parents", sure these are just fictitious characters but the reality is there are terrible parents who exist in real life. Here are some tips for all those meeting the parents for the first time. This might be helpful since Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. The good thing is this means your relationship is being taken to a whole new level so be on your best behavior.

1. Dress Appropriately! This is very important. Appearance is everything. If you are a thief! Dress like a businessman lol. Using "Monster in Law" as reference again , the minute Viola walked out and saw Charlie her immediate response was "Playing dress -up are we?" Not only was she threatened by her beauty , but she obviously knew how to put herself together. Ladies i would recommend , nothing low cut, too tight or short. I'd say dress " Modestly Trendy". A nice fun dress works with a cardigan ( if you find it's too revealing) You might want to leave your flip-flops at home as well as your 5 inch heels! Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk around in comfortably. Guys ! Your turn. Wear clean fitted clothing! No "Rock star" tight jeans showcasing your "jewels". Remember its a family you are meeting rather than auditioning for a porn film! Please make sure you are properly groomed.

2. Manners Are Important: In Jamaica we have a saying " Manners will take you a far way in life". These days manners have some how fallen by the wayside. However! It's still great to have some even if you have to borrow them from a book. Simple things like showing up on time . If you are too early it would seem waay awkward and if you show up late you are basically saying "i really couldn't be bothered to come so I'll try on all the shoes and dresses in my wardrobe until i know i am really late". If the dinner is set for 7 p.m show up like 15 minutes before. Address the parents as "Mr and Mrs" unless they tell you otherwise. Remember to sit up straight , don't chew with your mouth open , use your napkin and pass your food to/ from the correct sides.

3.Make Yourself useful: I'm not gonna lie , i don't think i should go to any body's house to play maid! My profession is not a maid so i don't see why i should "volunteer" to wash the dishes! I'm always myself in all situations .I'm not a lazy girl , but I'm not gonna jump through hoops to impress anyone , not even the Queen! This simply means " Don't be a Princess" . Don't park yourself on the peoples sofa and bark orders at everyone else ! If the mother asks you to bring out a tray or bring out the desserts then oblige!

4. No "Foul" Talk : If you are one of those people who can't express yourself without using an expletive , then  don't talk! As they say " If you have nothing good to say , don't say anything at all'. Watch your mouth until you become more familiar with them and know which words are acceptable .

5.Limit the P.D.A : When two people are in love , they can't keep their hands off each other. (that's a known fact) However , there is a time and place for everything! Literally, keep your your hands to yourself. Your boyfriends mother might not want to see you groping her son! Also , if the dinner turns into a sleep over , you can expect not to sleep in the same bedroom ( in most cases) Try not to make a fuss about this , it's not your house!

As i always say , there are tons of other tips and advice , however , these are the ones that work for me . You know the type of guy/ girl you are dating , do your research and find what best works for you.

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