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Hi Guys! Last Week i asked you "what are your "Girly" Issues and i got a request to talk about "Falling in Love" from one of my readers who says she's in love . I'm not an expert on Love but i can help to some extent . Today we'll be looking at signs you might be  falling in love

" Falling in love is such an easy thing to do , the birds can do it let's get to it .. let's fall in love" . This is the theme song for "Life of the American Teenager".  According to a recent study conducted by "Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Ortigue reveals falling in love can elicit not only the same euphoric feeling as using cocaine, but also affects intellectual areas of the brain. Researchers also found falling in love only takes about a fifth of a second"

Shakespeare believed that it took an hour to fall in love with another person as was the case of "Romeo and Juliet" , who fell in love at "First sight" , in my opinion that was not love it was more lust.  Anyway , here are some signs that you might be falling in love.

1. You can't eat : You want the other person more than you want food .Experts say this is the super "tell-tale" sign . Not only are you distracted , but you have lost your taste for food and that taste is replaced by thoughts of wanting to be around the other person.

2. You think about them when getting dressed: Most people have done this. Maybe it's you wanting to "show off" your body to the next person or you image them caressing you , whatever it is , you've caught yourself doing this at least one.

3. You can't stop smiling : Love makes you happy ( it should) You just find yourself with the biggest smile for no apparent reason. 

4. You miss them when they are not around : If you met your significant other at work or school , if you don't see them for one day , it is as if you are going out of your mind!

5. You start to fantasize what your children might look like : Think Kate Hudson in " How to lose a Guy in 10 days" and that crazy album she made with their "future children" ,lol . It is said that women do this more than men however.

6. You seem to have a natural glow : It is said that the actual feeling of being in love is "physical" , it can even be healing and rejuvenating . Endorphins are released which gives that "happy" feeling , the same as eating chocolates . Have you ever noticed how newly weds always seem to have that "glow"?

7. You get easily jealous : Let's say you found out your significant other went to a party or to see a movie ... without you . You begin to wonder why they didn't invite you or who they went with , instead of you.

8.Daydreaming : You find yourself imaging what your life will be like . You might  even imagine yourself cooking a meal or working on a house project together . Don't worry , it's completely normal.... ish

Those are all the things i could think of 
* I personally don't believe in love ( Other than God's love) people just "settle" or "love because they have to because it's convenient at the time

What crazy things do you do when you are in love? Please share

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