Girl Talk : The Breast Self Exam

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month . Breast Cancer affects one in eight women during their lives . Breast Cancer kills more women in the U.S more than any other disease other than Lung Cancer . With that being said , i thought this post was more than appropriate in light of this time .

I remember when i was a teenager i would see a lot of commercials on local T.V about Breast Cancer , i remember seeing women literally lifting their breasts to put on that weird machine. I was thinking two things :
  1. How will i ever get my breasts to "lift" and go into that machine
  2. Why and how should i get breast exams
I know i cannot be the only one who was thinking those things, so I've decided to fill other women in  on How to Do a Self Breast Exam and also the best time to do one.

There are 2 main steps to doing a Breast Self Exam ( BSE) 
  • Looking at the Breasts
  • Feeling the Breasts
Step 1

Strip down your top in front of a mirror. Be sure that it is a wide enough mirror that will give you a full frontal view of your breasts. Your arms should be relaxed and at your side , some people are more comfortable putting their hands on their hips. Look at your breasts carefully ... are your nipples the same size , do they look darker/lighter ? Are there any dimples or general changes in the skin? Look out for any abnormality.

Step 2

Raise your hands over your head and view your breasts from different angles , turn to the left or right , bend over . See if there are any dimples or anything that changes in the general shape. Like finger prints , breasts are different , some people have really large nipples some have small nipples , just be sure that you are familiar with your breasts and if you are seeing nay changes at all , even the slightest

Step 3

The next part is how your breasts feel. It may seem strange at first to handle your breasts. Some girls feel self-conscious about it, but there's no reason to feel guilty or awkward. BSE is a positive way to stay healthy.

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