Office Style: Giving Your Uniform "Personality"

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In Jamaica , it is not uncommon for us to wear a uniform, whether to School or Work . A uniform is a form of identity that signifies a form of oneness and that you belong to a specific institution or company . Quite often , as it relates to wearing a uniform , there are always strict rules . Today , i am here to show you how to give your uniform an "Identity" and not look like one of the Robots working at a Factory .

Gossip Girl "Uniform"

The picture above is from one of my favorite T.V Shows , Gossip Girl . They are wearing uniforms , but they've added their personalities to it. Sure this is a fictitious show .. and these are the "Rich Kids" , who get to wear what they want . The point is ,you can still add some personality to your boring old uniform.

The company my Step Sister works for recently changed the design of their uniform and with that change came a whole new set of rules which even includes a Crest .. yes a Crest or a "Chest Plate" as i called it in High School . She decided that while she wants to follow company rules , she also wanted to have her own personality . Here is what she did:

Accessorized !!!

She bought belts , watches , broaches and handbags that would go with the uniform

As i always say , accessories can change any outfit , Dramatically . Be careful when it comes to "Work Accessories" , go for subtle rather than "loud" . Stay away from "noisy" pieces and also handbags that have excessive hardware . I talk about this alot .. but i want you guys to get it . As for the belts , i would recommend a "Skinny Belt" rather than those big Broad Chunky Belts .


She bought different work shoes to match each uniform . When it comes to Shoes in the work place , i say Go Bold or Go Home!! Literally . This era has brought us so many different colors and styles. There are the  traditional rules that still apply like :

  • No Open Back ( Sling Backs )
  • No Open Toes ( Peep Toe)
Be sure that the heel you select is work appropriate . While you want to be attention , be sensible . It would not be smart to wear 6 inch Stilettos to work .

Put  A Cardigan On it!

Geo , recently did his post on The Cardigan and also explained that it is a timeless piece and so many looks can be created from it . If you wear a dress to work , you can wear a cardigan over it in a complimentary color . This will create a more sophisticated "Girly Look".

How Do you Give your Uniform a Personality ? Comment or E-mail

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