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Hi Guys! Its the start of a new month , so that means new features here on "Haute People" . This is going to be a September to remember . This month is special to me because it makes it one year since I've been on Blogspot (officially). As you know , I've made an announcement that i will be having a huge Give-away at the end of the month . I'll put the link to my facebook page at the end of each post so you can skip one step of the Give -Away entry requirements :-)

Let's jump into it shall we !! I know September is "Back to School " time , but i feel sometimes people from the working class have been neglected in this regard. This new feature will give tips and "how-to's" on how to Spruce up your office space , clothes and all the other stuff in between.

Today , we'll be looking at two cute little "Knick Knacks" to jazz up your office space . This will apply to everybody, whether you have a small cubicle or your very own luxurious office or even your home office :-)

Desk Organizer :  "Fashionably" organize all your papers , pens and business cards. The great thing about using a desk organizer verses using organizers for everything , is that it saves space! You are able to store everything in one place! Instead of using the traditional "office colors" like black or silver , try finding a fun corkscrew or wooden one . The great thing about corkscrew is that you can pin little notes on it because of the material.

Staplers : Who says you have to get a regular boring stapler like all your coworkers. How about finding one that has rhinestones or leopard ( or both) ? Of course your co-workers might steal this , but it's good to be different at times. And no , you don't have to be a Kardashian to have a blinged out stapler :-)

How do you make your office space "work" for you?

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