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Hi Guys! Picture this  ... You've had a hectic week , it's Thursday evening , you get home stare at the clothes in your closet and all you see for tomorrow is your "Office Shirt" . You think to yourself .. "what can i do to stand out at work tomorrow?  Have no fear confused worker ... I am here to bring bliss to your wardrobe woes :-)
There are some of us who believe it or not dread "Casual Friday". Then there are some of us who welcome the day with open arms as they get to "Dress Up" and wear Jeans! I seriously will never understand the fascination with wearing Jeans to work on a Friday ... but i have some tips on how you can look stylish yet professional .

There are certain "Staple" pieces that one should have in their wardrobes , regardless of your gender . These are :

  • A Blazer
  • A Button Down Shirt .

Guys , invest in at least one good Blazer . You can get sooo many different looks and of course multiple "wears" from it. I know the average males hates to shop and when  they do , it has to be for a purpose . As i said , you will be able to wear your blazer for a lot of events. The model in this pic has decided to pair his blazer with a dress shirt and tie , this is a typical "Casual Friday" for a more "Fashion Forward " Male.

Another look you guys could try , is the "Rebel without a Tie" shirt look . Simply wear one of your dress shirts .. without a tie  ! Try wearing an inside shirt and undoing 2 buttons ... slick and cool . Dress that up with cool shoes and be sure to match your belt with your shoes .

Button Down Shirt
When making reference to Wardrobe Building , i always talk about a "Button Down " Shirt. This is a timeless piece that says "classic and sophisticated" The good thing about this is that it can be worn with jeans or dress pants/skirts . While it is a good idea to invest in a quality solid color button down shirt , try to shake things up by wearing one that has different prints and colors . Our Fashionista  above , pairs her top with blue True Religion Jeans and open toe gladiator heels.

Dress Up that blazer Girl! I've seen a lot of women rock their "Work" Blazers with a nice pair of jeans , a dress shirt and really cute shoes . There is absolutely nothing wrong with that . Try to make it look more casual since you are wearing a work blazer . These days , Blazers come in so many different colours and prints . If you are a daring fashionista , why not try a different colour blazer such as pink or blue? I would recommend staying away from those bright bold colours . Well it depends on the type of Industry you work in . If you work in the creative industry... go crazy with colours . You can even wear you "company shirt under your Blazer :-) You look stylish and you are not getting into trouble with H.R :-))

Also ladies , instead of Jeans  , try wearing a cute casual dress . Be sure that the one you wear is exactly at the knees or at least 2 inches below the knees . You are still at work after all . If you opt for a sleeveless dress , wear a blazer or a nice cardigan to keep it professional .

When it comes to dressing up on "Casual Friday", still be mindful of the fact that you are still at work and should therefore adhere to the dress code . However , there are always ways you can tweak your clothing to make sure you stand out while still following the rules.

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