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Today Haute People goes "Behind The Seams" , with Jamaican based Jewelry designer Symone of Happi Beads :-)  Symone  exudes such a positive aura that you can't help but be "Happi" around her . Happi Beads is a true embodiment of her personality. There are is soooo much to choose from because there are so many different collections.There is a Happi Bead out there for everyone ! It doesn't matter if you are a "minimalist" or a daring over the top fashionista ! There is a Happi Bead for Y-O-U .

H.P:How long have you been designing Jewelry ?
SY: I would say,i feel into it by accident ! I designed some pieces for myself , then my friends saw them and was amazed and from then I've been designing ever since . It's been a while i would say

H.P:How would you describe/define your line ?
SY:Tasteful , Sophisticated , Funky "charms of empowerment"

H.P: Explain to us the process that is involved in creating a unique piece of Jewelry
SY:  Thought and time. It also requires the level of creativity that each client wants . Creativity is important because it comes from the people and life , which is what i feel empowers each unique piece.

H.P:  How did you come up with the name "Happi Beads"?
SY:  They make me feel happy! When i first started out  ... each of the pieces i made ... made me look happy each time i looked down at my hands. It was also very therapeutic for me at that time of my life .

H.P: Tell us about the first piece of jewelry you created for a client.
SY : I actually have a picture of that piece today ( pulls out pic) I was verrrry overwhelmed and of course happy . However it was bittersweet . I'm attached to my Happi Beads , so i felt i was giving a piece of me away , but it was a good piece that would go out into the universe and empower someone else.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ......
SY: Parents , Family, Son and of course my Happi Beads!

H.P: Tell us about your new collection 
SY : I don't want to give too much away , but let's just say turquoise is involved :-)  The new collection will make its debut on FNO ! 

H.P: Where can we find your pieces ?
SY: You can find me at Cannon Ball Cafe'     Manor Park by appointment . You can also find me on Facebook . I also do monthly shows . These dates and locations of these shows are blasted on Facebook. You can also call me at 876. 371.8814 to set up an appointment.

Check out These Collections form Happi Beads 

Mixture ( Cool Blues ,Princess Whites)

Princess Whites

Colour My World

Half Bracelets

Crazy|Fun Clays

Su Weeet Jamaica Collection

Pinks and Purples Collection


Cool Blues

Stainless Steel

As you can see from these amazing pictures above these are beautiful pieces . There are tonssss of other pieces available that i know you will love .You also get to choose your charm of empowerment to be put on your bracelet of choice.

To set up an appointment call Symone at 876.371.8814

Happi Beads will be Launching the Gem Stone Collection( Beads with Meaning) at Loshusan ( Barbican) For FNO !!! Fashionistas mark your calendars , make it a date

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