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Today , Haute People goes "Behind The Seams" with Tia-Sonya Shackelford of the quaint Etsy Shop , " For My Girl's Hair and Skincare( For Girls , Teens and Women). There are sooooo many hair and skincare products for adults and very few for young girls that will motivate them to take care of their hair and also be proud of that hair. For My Girl's Hair and Skincare is a line of products developed for girls and women .

H.P: How did you get started in this business?
T.S: I actually got started in the business a few years ago when my daughter, Anana was experiencing severe hair breakage. I was eager to find natural solutions to re-grow and reconstruct the damage; and from there, For My Girl’s was created!

H.P: Your Target audience seems to be Young Girls , why did you choose that particular group?
T.S: I chose this particular group primarily because of my daughter. In observing her and girls her age, I discovered that most girls do not have the necessary tools to care of their own hair so I wanted to create healthy products especially for them.Products that will resolve a lot of the problems they have such as brittle or damaged hair; dry hair, hair breakage, or hair that is difficult to grow.
- Another important reason for me choosing this group is...I discovered that many young girls are not aware of healthy hair and skin care regimens/products available to them.

H.P: Explain to us the process that is involved in creating a specific product .
T.S: The process includes the following:

  • First identifying or researching what kind of hair or skin care needs people have (i.e., hair loss; skin moisturizer) etc. 
  • Then, gathering natural products that will match benefit that need.
  •  Lastly, I create a recipe or formula that will help promote or treat that need.

H.P: What is your Skincare regime?
T.S: My Skincare regime is pretty simple: I actually use my own Face Cleanser, which is gentle and healthy for my skin and I also use a gentle skin moisturizer.
- Twice a month, I may also use a sugar scrub to lift away dead skin cells or for rejuvenation purposes.

H.P: What are some of the benefits of using natural and organic products?
T.S: Natural ingredients are safe for your hair. Organic products are simply better for your body
-Organic products will not leave harmful chemicals or build up on your hair and skin. Instead, they work to heal and revitalize them.

H.P: Finish the Sentence ... i cannot live without my .....
T.S: Raspberry Ecstasy Body Lotion! It’s light-weight, smooth on my skin with a silk-like feel and has a breath-taking fragrance!

H.P: Where can we find your products?
T.S: My products can be found on the following websites:

Check Out the pictures below to see more from "For My Girl's Hair and Skincare"

Forever Grapefruit ( Body Butter)


Please check click the links below to purchase your "For My Girl's Hair and Skincare"


  1. Nice, will introduce these to my mother for my little sister. Maybe she will save some money visiting the hairdresser just to get that huge head of hair washed and combed. And those I know with daughters

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