Accessories : Mixing Metals

Hi Guys ! There are certain rules in Fashion like "Never Wear White After Labor Day" , or " Don't Mix Gold with Silver" . The thing i love the most about Fashion is that it is dynamic . It changes over time.  popular trend is "Mixing Metals".

Mixing Metals involves , putting together "opposing pieces" , such as putting gold with silver , brass with Rose Gold and so on . The whole point here is to put pieces together that people deem as a big Fashion NO-NO. If you are one who follow trends and know how to Spot trends , you would have realized that this was very popular in the 80s . I for one love watching those really old comedies ( some in black and white) because i love the way the people dressed in those times and also how those looks have been "re-vamped" today to fit our times.

One such show is Apt 227 with  Jacke'e Harry. I can't find the exact episode but there was one where she has two necklaces intertwined that was Gold and Silver and i thought it was sooo ... "Chrome". Check out the picture above to see this trend :-)

Have you tried this trend?

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