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Hi Guys ! Vogue is one of my favorite Magazines . I looooooooooooove the Editorials , there are always really great photographs and really interesting photo shoots . The thing I love the most about Vogue Magazine are the Print Ads.Over the next 3 days , i will share with you my favorite things that appear in print ads in Vogue :-)

I recently took an online survey from "Vogue Insiders" . ( This is great because they send you tips and also info on new stuff in the fashion and beauty industry  , plus you get to take part in really fun surveys) . The survey i took  was about the Brahmin Brand ( well I'm guessing it was). I had no idea what Brahmin was ...lol . So being the wonderful person i am  , i decided to do some research just so we could all know .

Brahmin is a family owned handbag manufacturing company run by the Martin family in Fairhaven , Massachusetts . In the 1800s , the name BRAHMIN was used to describe a cultured person from an upper class family and was chosen by the Martin family because they thought it was the epitome of what they wanted their brand to represent .The Brahmin leather works was the entrepreneurial dream of Joan and  Bill Martin , who started the company in 1982.

Brahmin continues to produce high quality yet functional bags . They currently carry : backpacks , hobos , business bags , mini bags and the list goes on .

Check out these pictures below


Mini Bag

Tote Bag

In the survey , they had a picture of a model holding one of the Brahmin bags and the first question was to identify the brand . I of course could not ... until i saw the name then i was like " ohhhh ... i think i kinda maybe sort of seen this somewhere " . Do you take part in Vogue Surveys? Did you identify the Brand Correctly?

Leave your comments below or send me an e-mail . Let's chat :-)

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