Vogue in 3 Days : The Baguette

If you are a foodie like me , I'm sure when you hear the word "baguette" you think of a thin loaf of French bread that is popular in France and other French Speaking countries . However , the Baguette I'm making reference to is " a purse that is relatively long from side to side and small from top to bottom -basically like a baguette with a handle - the bag bible.

Most people would believe that Sex and the City gave this bag its status ( remember that scene where Carrie got robbed of her Fendi version of this bag) . Anyway , i have news for you .. you are sooo wrong , the baguette has been around for 15 years since June of this year.

The baguette was created to be carried under the arm , the same way the French bread was carried  ... Talk about art imitating life. It was brought out in 1997 by Italian designer Silvia Venturini Fendi and Creative Director of Fendi . At that time there was only one version , however there are now more than 700 styles . To mark the anniversary of this staple bag , Silvia released the official book called "Fendi Baguette" , which retraces of the bags in a lovely display of 250 color photographs . 

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