This Vs That : Elle vs Vogue Magazine

Hi Guys! Today i will be comparing 2 of my favorite magazines : Elle and Vogue . Firstly , i love the fact that both magazines are 'High Fashion" magazines and of course they both have great editorials . Let's jump into it shall we.

ELLE Magazine

Elle is more of a Lifestyle Magazine. It has features such as : Fashion , Trends , Beauty and Celebrity Styling. When i think of ELLE , i think of "The Devil Wears Prada", ( I know people would say Vogue) its so exclusive  . I feel sooo "privileged" just reading it . I love the writing and how formal yet fun it can be . Another thing i find commendable about this magazine, is that it gives a voice to the Young Fashionistas in the "biz", they sometimes feature up and coming people who are not really "celebrities" but have a passion for fashion. Did i say how much i love the editorials?

Best thing about this magazine : The contents page starts at page 14 -16 or some where about there unlike other high fashion magazines where there are like 50 pages before you get to the "juicy stuff".

VOGUE Magazine

I honestly buy this magazine just for the editorials , sure i can't afford most of the things in it , but i like seeing them ( a girl can dream right? )  They always have really good high quality pictures and the print ads alone would make you buy stuff you don't actually need ... yeah its that good .

I however don't like the fact that the contents page starts somewhere around page 44 . That's literally 44 pages of just ads before you can get to what the issue of the month will feature. I know in other countries , there is like a standard rate for magazines , but here in Jamaica , the price changes like every month and Vogue is always more expensive . They also have  "Vogue Insiders" which is a really interactive online feature where you have access to new trends and products by taking part in their surveys .

Which High Fashion Magazine do you like best Elle or Vogue ?

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  1. hi, i'm 24 japanese woman.I agree that you said about ELLE, "a voice to the Young Fashionistas in the "biz". Sorry I'm not good at English.And also I surprised that there are about 40-50pages befre we can get to the main pages of magazines!
    I wanna buy a new magazine...maybe I will buy ELLE :D

  2. i love vogue, but for a realistic fashion and good magazine i will go with ELLE, thats why it is the t op selling fashion magazine in the world


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