This Vs That : Black Opal Foundation Stick / Creme to Powder Foundation

Hi Guys! It is the start of  another exciting week. Well the week kinda started yesterday but we were on holiday in Jamaica :-)  Its the start of a new month and that means a new exciting feature .. yay!!! . This vs That was already introduced , but i've decided to re-introduce it because i like doing it :-)

Today , we will be looking at Black Opal Stick Foundation Vs Creme to Powder Foundation

Stick Foundation

First of all , it is cheaper . I think it retails for $990 Jmd , while the compact is $1050 Jmd . It might not be a big difference , but think about it . That difference could be between you having patties or burgers for lunch . There are two things i like the most about this product .1 ) It gives maximum coverage and 2) It lasts a really long time . Well , I'd say it depends on how you use it . I usually don't do a "full face", i just dot it around the trouble areas then use my fingers to smooth it. I bought mine in May and it lasted me until the first week in August . I hate the smell.  It has that typical "Make-up smell" . Even though it gives full coverage  , its sooooo messy . I can't touch my face without it being all over the place.

Creme to Powder Foundation

Its more expensive and it does not last long . I bought this like two weeks ago and I'm already starting to see the base of the compact . I don't even use it that much . I was so surprised . To top it all off , it doesn't give full coverage like the stick foundation . I kinda like that though , but i think the price needs to be lowered since its not much.

Of course based on my review of these items , it is clear that i liked the stick foundation more than the compact . I know that people always rave about Black Opal products and I'm thinking that maybe its because its cheaper than some of the other brands so they kinds have to settle for it . If you are a "Black Opal User " or "New User" , please share your experience. As always you can e-mail me or leave your comments below .

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