This vs That : Bath and Body Works Summer / Winter Candles

Hi Guys ! I've decided to make this one of my features for the month of August .

 So , i don't know about you , but i love Bath and Body Works , they have everything that women love . One of my favorite things to pick up when I'm in the states are candles . I love the way they smell , they way they are packaged and the little accessories that you can buy to make your candles really stand out . I know Winter is loooooooooooooong gone  , but i thought these two products would make great comparisons.

Winter Candle Apple Candle

I picked up with candle in December and it just so happened that it was on Sale . It was two candles for $3.50 , then you got two clear candle holders with your purchase . I chose this particular candle because it just smelled yummy , plus i love apples and candy , what a great mix!  I like that it was small but mighty , just one of these had my entire room smelling like a "Winter Wonderland" . Also , i liked the fact that the candle itself  it came in a hard plastic thingie. I hate the fact that it doesn't burn well , meaning that there is more candle than wick . I still have the waxy part of the candle , but no wick . Asin , it won't light :-(

Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle

This is one of Bath and Body works "Signature Scents" . I had no idea it came in candles . I was actually given this one and was super excited to "light it up". My excitement had soon turn to disappointment .  The wick was covered by wax and could not be lit , so i got a knife and tried to dig around it so that it would light , but that didn't make any difference . The wick was frayed and when i got it to finally light , it only lasted literally 10 seconds . Also , this one was made of glass , which is not recommended for clumsy people

Do you like Bath and Body Works Candles ? Share you experience in the comments below , or as always send me an e-mail :-)

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