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If you have been an avid reader of my blog , you would have noticed the Hairtrade Blogger Partnership Badge towards the top right of my page . This program allows me to receive one of their wonderful products every 3 months to share my views with all you "Haute" people. This month's product is the "I & K Human Hair Silky Weave in Dark Ash Brown . I picked this particular hair because I've never used a silky weave before and i really wanted to see what the Texture was like as well as the wear-ability and i was also intrigued by the name of the colour :-)

( Hair packaging in long box)

The hair was packaged nicely in this "long box" and came in a plastic protective bag with a gold paper base bearing the company hair and logo .

I chose the 14 " I&K Human Hair Silky Weave (Dark Ash Brown) . This hair comes in 3 lengths 14 " (G.D.P -34.99) , 18" (G.D.P 49.99) , 22 (G.D.P 54.99)  all prices Inc. Vat. It is made of 100 % human  hair and can be cut , colored , straightened and curled. This product took two weeks to get to Jamaica from the U.K , but I'm sure the time will differ depending on where you are in the world of course .

The hair comes in a myriad of colors from light to dark or vice versa depending on where you would fall on the color spectrum , there is a hair for everybody.

The Texture

I've always heard people talking about their "dream hair" , and i can now say .... "I've found my dream hair" . The texture of this hair is soooo soft and silky. It feels like really healthy freshly processed hair . The thing i like the most about this hair is that it doesn't need a lot of product to make it look good . I did a regular sew in and leaving out some of my own hair and it blended really nicely with my own hair . I was actually really scared to try this texture because I've stop processing my own hair ( apart from my leave- out" that i flat iron) . I was scared that I'd have that nice silky " goddess " hair in the back , then at the front people would be able to tell where my own hair stopped  ... but it blends really well . Another thing i love about the hair was that i did not come with that "factory smell" , you know that weird plastic , chemical smell? It smelled like ... hair ... really clean normal hair.

( Picture showing Hair Texture)
Look how Pretty and Silky that is

I like the fact that the hair came with a "Hair extensions Aftercare Guide and Hair Extensions FAQ . This is great because it helps people who are just starting out with hair to get the best out of their purchase. Also included in this guide is a Styling Hair Extensions sections which gives tips on how to style the hair for best results .

Because I'm 5'1 the hair is like "boob length" or a little over and from the back it rests a few inches above my waist.
It holds curls really well even without product.

Tangling and Shedding

This hair gives minimal shedding. I got this hair installed on Saturday which makes it 7 days and i literally only saw like 6 strands from that time ... NO JOKE. I was wondering if this hair was  ... real . I pulled on it and did the "finger comb through" and it was all good . As for the Tangling ... none ... it doesn't tangle ( this is a 100 % tangle free name and it does meet those standards). I put this hair through "The Gauntlet" . I went on the road on Saturday (which was really hot btw) , i was on the road for like 5 hours with the hair down and it just stayed in place . After that , i went to do some cleaning , pulled the hair up and it was good . I usually also tie my hair at night and pull my hair in a bun ... ( that is my ultimate test for hair) When i let down the hair ... it was still straight !! There wasn't that weird "flip" or "wave in the hair , it was just straight and silky .


I would recommend getting two packs of  hair if you plan to do a full head weave , because of its silky texture , i find that it's not really alot.

Also, the hair color was a lot lighter than it was on the website. I'm guessing this has to do with the P.C Display and the Resolution setting . For this , i would recommend ordering a sample first so that you can see how it looks . In artificial lighting it looked like a really dark brown , but in the sunlight it looked like a dark brown with a golden "ashy" look to it .

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  1. This is a great post on human hair weave! I know that my wife would really appreciate this, I'm going to make sure to show this to her. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. I'm glad you liked it Charlie ... and i really hope your wife will like it as well


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