Product Review : Every Strand Keratin Polisher ( For Chemically Treated Hair)

Today , i will be reviewing a product i recently bought from Cherrys Hair and More , here in Jamaica. Cherry's is a beauty supply store and they actually just opened a store in the Springs Plaza , right towards the end on the same side as " Maxie Department Store" main  entrance. The exact address is Shop #20 The Springs Plaza.

Before i get into the review , let me give you some information about this brand as i am sure most of you might not be familiar with it .

Every Strand Keratin Hair Polisher is an alcohol-free, salon quality formula. It's designed to shine, seal, soften and moisturize your hair fiber by fiber. Helps eliminate frizzies, split-ends as well as prevent breakage and color fading making your hair positively more manageable. 

This information is from the actual bottle.

 The Product

The product comes in a clear pink and white bottle . There are three versions : Chemically Treated Hair , Aloe Vera Hair Polisher and the Lacio Plus Creme. I use this product "dry"  because there is an option to use it on wet hair as well . First of all , i should let you know this product  is a clear liquid and its really thick , therefore , "a little goes an extremely looong way". I simply take a small amount, rub it in my hands and  smooth it on my hair to get that polished look . I love the fact that this product actually gives sheen , but it tends to stay on my hair . Asin , you can see it just laying there on the surface .  I also did not like the fact that it does not last long , i'd say i get like 4 hours of this product and i'd have to re-apply again . The pricing was another factor compared to other popular brands , this product was $585 dollars ( almost $600.00 J.M.D) . I'm guessing that is because of the name "Keratin" plastered on the bottle . Everyone gets "jittery" when they hear Keratin , because its is  suppose to be a long lasting product.

I must say however , that i loved the smell . It had a really fresh strawberry scent that is needed on those days where you really don't feel like washing your hair .


For best results , follow the directions on the bottle. Also , buy the product that is for your specific hair type .

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