Product Review : Avocado with Cholesterol Conditioning Cream

Hi Guys ! Today i will be reviewing a product i recently bought at Cherrys's Hair and More" , and yes i actually bought these products , I'm not getting paid for any of the Cherry's Reviews . I bought a lot of hair stuff from them and i'm just excited to share them with you . I'm just happy that there is a Hair store in the mall itself now.

This product is from the Pearl Collection Line. It actually came with another product that i will be reviewing next week in a sample size .

It came in a really small 2 onze  hard plastic jar ( as shown above). First of all , i love the way it smells !!! It kinda reminds me of Guacamole ( kinda) .This product is ideal for dry , brittle damaged hair . It promises to restore hair by making it softer and more manageable .

The texture is kinda like Jello pudding , no joke !

Soo , this is a deep conditioning treatment for wet hair . What you do is , after shampooing your hair , you'd massage it onto your scalp and work it all the way down to the strands of your hair , then leave in for 10-15 minutes . There is another option which involves a steaming cap and you do all the steps however the time would be from 20-25 minutes . I did the first option because i hate long hair treatments . I was surprised to know that this little product is so potent.
It made my hair really soft and moisturized ... Annnnnnnnd!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's "Weave" friendly :-)) I know quite often women will have problems finding the right products to maintain their weaves without spending a huge amount of cash . I higly recommend this product to anyone who is on a budget and looking for a really effective product.

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  1. Hi where did you purchase this product from


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