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"It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."
— Alexander McQueen
Bud Designz is the Fashion Label of Tatina Bennett . Tatina has been designing for over 3 years and most of her inspiration comes from her mother who is also a designer of Fashions for the home ranging from Curtains and Bed sheets to cushions and pillows. During her high school years , Bennett would work alongside her mother doing simple things such as stitching and pinning . This soon grew into her experimenting with various fabrics and textures to create small items . As time grew , so did her skills which were no longer amateur but now Maverick . "Bud" is the name that Bennett is affectionately called by friends and family because of her likeness to that of a bird , slim in stature and free spirited in personality and nature. Bud Designz currently carries : Bags , Necklaces and  Hair-Bows .

Just in time for the Jamaica 50 Celebrations , Bud Designz introduces her "Quickk Bagz" and "Clique Chains". Quickk bags are a fun twist on the traditional everyday styles such as the Messenger , Hobo, and the Coin Purse .These bags are great for sporting at any Jamaica 50 event because not do they feature the Jamaican colors , but they are lightweight and easy to carry , and can store all your valuables . This bag is "Haute" recommended because you will need a bag at The Jamaica 50 Celebration but you won't need a huge bulky bag to lug around with because as you know these events usually involve alot of movement and dancing . Who wants to dance with a heavy bag anyway? Get your "Quickk Bag " now before its too late . Quick Style tip : You can quickly transform your "Quickk Bag" into a trendy fanny bag , by simply typing the straps so that it fits neatly around your waist.

Bud Designz also features "Clique Necklaces " , which are fun Necklaces. One that has 3 Rosettes , a large one in the middle and two smaller ones at both ends. This Necklace has an expandable chain where you are able to change the length from long to short in a breeze. Another that is a mixture and fringe and tassle and the third option that is a really nice lacy choker.

This line is described as " A new and Unique Style for the Younger Generation". Bennett describes her personal style as " a little bit of culture with a dash of hip to it ". This line is a true embodiment of her personal style infused with a hip trendy twist .

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