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Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.
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Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Alisha Pean , Owner and Designer of Domestic Diva Designs. Domestic Diva Designs is a line of womens' accessories which currently has 5 categories : Earrings , Rings , Bracelets , Necklaces and the Lil Diva Collection which is for little girls . Alisha's passion is women s accessories and each piece is custom made for each individual.  This company is based in New Jersey , which means it represents "flavah" and attitude. 
H:PTell us about your designs
A:P My accessories designs are for the fashionable mom. The Domestic Diva is an independent woman who can bring home the bacon, cook it and look FAB while doing it! I created this brand to empower women to strive for excellence and to celebrate their roles as caregivers.
H:P: What inspired your pieces?
A:PMy pieces are inspired by glamour and elegance. I am working on a new collection called the Vanity Collection which will feature lots of pearls, gold tones, and bling. I am also creating a line of small handbags and clutch purse for the sophisticated career woman. They will be great statement pieces for networking parties and the office.
H.PHow would you describe your personal style?
A:P: My personal style would be some Jackie O mixed with Rihanna! I love the edgy look and I'm usually wearing black. I LOVE pearls and I believe it gives the appeal of class and elegance. So it would be safe to describe me as edgy glam

"Accessories create versatility in your wardrobe and should never be left out when planning an outfit" - Alisha Pean

Domestic Diva Designs was founded in 2010 by Alisha and is geared towards the fashionable Mother , Wife and everyone in between who has a passion for fashion. The great thing about this line is that the pieces are of high quality but they are completely budget friendly, prices generally range from $10 -$30.This line not only carries auh mazing pieces but also offers a wide range of services such as : Wholesale/Supplier , Jewelry Parties/Consultant , Jewelry Repairs and Jewelry Classes .Each piece is uniquely designed with you in mind and i can attest to the fact that this line is a true embodiment of  Alisha's goal  for "women to have access to

custom and ready to wear accessories that would normally cost twice as much from a top name 

designer. I am everything you are, I create for you!

These pieces are so unique that they have been featured on 

,New Day Associates and Today's Black Woman Magazine ,Designer for SCS 

Media Publishing's Stiletto Magnetism Collection and has also been featured in 

numerous Fashion Shows . 

Check out these Photos to see more Accessories from Domestic Diva Designs

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