2 Girls and a Dream : Huxton ( Fashion For Free Living)

Huxton is the feminine clothing label of Rebecca Pickard and Joanna Lingham. This company is based in London and was founded in September 2011. Huxton came about when the girls realised that their day jobs had soon become un-fulfilling. The logo of Huxton is the Wolf which represents a certain feminine strength,which lies within instincts and courage. 

"The wolf is a daily reminder to continue to follow our dreams"

 Like with any good business, there has to be a solid foundation. The basis of this label is the long standing friendship of these 2 best friends. Rebecca and Joanna have been best friends since childhood and have always had a similar taste in just about everything, therefore, their transition to business partners was a lot easier.

Rebecca and Joanna have no formal training in design so they surrounded themselves with experts in the industry to create the brand. The look of Huxton designs are bold and eye-catching, and for women who are “non- conformists” as it relates to Fashion. A Huston woman is strong, independent and dares to take life in her own hands. All the designs are created in limited quantities and are of high quality. The designs are unique and new pieces are constantly being added so that customers will have new pieces to choose from every month. These new pieces are announced every month via the Huxton newsletter. If you are a subscriber, you would have had the chance to be a part of the “Huxton World”.

Joanna is based in the UK and is the stylist for Huxton as well as managing all of the promotion and sales for Huxton and Rebecca is based in South East Asia between Vietnam and Bali where she manages all production aspects.

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Huxton ships worldwide and charges a flat rate of G.D.P 10.00 for International Shipping , Click the Link Below for more information

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