Skintervention : Getting Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

Hi Guys! Happi Happi Monday !!! I had a really looooooooooooooong week , but it was very fulfilling. Anyway , its the start of a brand new week , its time to "smile it up" and forget about all the things that happened last week. Anyway , today we will  be talking about " Getting Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles"

This tip is actually from "Dr. Nair" from "The Doctors" on NBC . I saw the show ,loved it and decided to send in a question , so that YOU my readers can an get accurate and professional answer.

Dr Nair Says:

Eat well and try to maintain a healthy diet . Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as these contain water. Water is needed to "flush" and "cleanse" the skin . With that being said .. also drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Relax more . Sleep is very important. The body responds better when it is well rested. Rest also eliminates stress and anxiety levels in the body , which are main causes of most skin conditions.

I also recommend the following  "At Home Methods" 

Place sliced cucumbers under the eyes. Cucumbers are long used remedies for "refreshing " the skin. They are a quick pick me up. Of course the cucumbers have to be refrigerated . Cut them into thick discs , place them on the eyes , and lay there for 10-12 minutes daily.

Apply cold tea bags under the eyes. Tea bags contains tannin which reduces swelling and discoloration. This should be done preferably in the morning , tea also contains caffeine , which is another "picker upper". For better results , refrigerate your tea bags from over night.

Use a frozen spoon! Place a frozen spoon under your eyes , leave it there until it returns to its normal temperature.

If none of these methods work , use an eye cream that contains Retinol and Vitamin K. If this still does not work , it is time to contact a Dermatologist.

I hope the information i found was beneficial to at least ONE person . If there are any methods that you use and did not see here today. Don't be afraid to share it. Also , the information i received , can be found on the link below.Please note , this information was not free , it was regarded as an "online consultation.

*Dr Nair is not one of the featured Doctors , he can be found on the "Ask a Question " section of the website.

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